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A Critical Study of Shirk, PublisherAl Hidaayah

  • A Critical Study of Shirk, PublisherAl Hidaayah
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An Explanation of Muahammad ibn Abd al-Wahhabs Kasaf al-Shubuhat a Critical Study of Shirk Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi An Explanation of Muhammad ibn `Abd al Wahhab's Kashf al-Shubuhat A Critical Study Of Shirk By Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi This work, which is a detailed explanation of one of Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab's most important works, deals with explaining and refuting the evidences that were used by certain Muslim groups of his time to justify acts of shirk (the act of associating partners with Allah). It is entitled Kashf al-Shubuhat, which literally translates as: 'The Clearing of Doubts'. lion Abd al-Wahhab intended in this work to expose the falsity and speciousness of these arguments by proving that the pagans whom the Prophet (;) fought utilised the exact same arguments and fell prey to the same reasoning as these modern practitioners of shirk did. It is one of the most advanced works on the subject, and over a dozen different arguments and evidences used to justify shirk are presented and then refuted. In order to maximise the benefit of this work, introductory sections concerning other aspects of shirk not mentioned by Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab have been added by the author. To this end, the work discusses the definitions of shirk, the importance of knowing shirk, the difference between shirk and kufr, the types and categories of shirk, the history of shirk, the evils and futility of shirk, the causes of shirk, and other related topics. In addition, a brief biography of Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab is included as a preface to the text of his book. This work is undoubtedly the most comprehensive study in the English language of shirk, and hence an essential book for those who wish to understand this greatest evil known to man.

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