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A Madinan View on the Sunnah Courtesy, wisdom, battles and history,by: Ibn Abi Zayd Al-Qayrawani ,Taha Publishers. London

  • A Madinan View on the Sunnah
 Courtesy, wisdom, battles and history
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A Madinan View on the Sunnah
Courtesy, wisdom, battles and history
from Kitab al-Jami
by: Ibn Abi Zayd Al-Qayrawani
Transated by Abdassamad Clarke
206 Pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1 897940 84
Taha Publishers. London

Taken from the Kitab al-Jami’ by Imam al-Qayrawani, this book provides valuable insights into the life and practices of the early Muslim community who followed closely the example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) and his companions (RA). It reveals the noble qualities of character as exemplified by the men and women of Madinah, who held on to these qualities regardless of their circumstances. Knowledge of the tradition which stems from the 'best community brought out to mankind” puts us in a position to recreate such a community.

Imam Mali said, 'There is only one truth. Two contradictory statements cannot both be correct,' and 'Knowledge is a light which Allah placed wherever He wills. It is not much narration of ahadith.'
These apparently obvious but still powerful statements set the tone for this book which gathers together in one volume matters which often challenge the cozy but fallacious consensus that modern Muslims imagine to be so safely established. The beginning is an extensive treatment of 'aqidah according to the People of Madinah, and an examination of the contentious subject of bid'ah - innovation in the deen. One of the chapters is an exposition of the relative merits of ahadith and 'amal - the practice of the People of Madinah - an argument which is rarely heard today. A great deal of the book is on the noble qualities of character as exemplified by men and women who held to them under extreme political pressure, in both wealth and poverty.

About the Author:
Abu Muhammad 'Abdullah ibn Abi Zayd was one of the people North Africa. Abu Zayd's name was 'Abdu'r-Rahman according to Ibn Makula and Qadi Ibn al-Hadhdha'. He was from the tribe of Nifza and lived in Qayrawan.
He was the Imam of the Malikis in his time and their model. He had a comprehensive grasp of the school of Malik and explained his statements. He had extensive knowledge and a prodiguous memory and transmission. His books are ample testimony of that. His writing was fluent, clarifying and defining what he said. He defended the school of Malik and established evidence in its support.

Abu Muhammad ibn Abi Zayd died in 386 Hijri.
The people of Andalusia who followed him include Abu Bakr ibn Mawhab al-Maqburi, Abu 'Abdullah ibn al-Hadhdha' and Abu Marwan al-Qanazi'i. The people of Ceuta include Abu 'Abdu'r-Rahman ibn al-'Ajuz, Abu Muhammad ibn Ghalib, and Khalaf ibn Nasr. The people of the Maghrib include Abu 'Ali ibn Amdakatu as-Sijilmasi.

Malik said, 'One of the things which conquers a man of knowledge is when he answers everyone who questions him.'

Ibn 'Abbas said, 'Whoever answers people on everything about which they ask is mad.'

Malik was asked about something and he said, 'I don't like to reply to something like this. 'Umar ibn al-Khattab was tested with things like these and he left them and would not give an answer about them.'
From Chapter four

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