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Anwaar-e-Durood-o-Salaam ,(Revised, 2nd Edition) , by Muhammad Riaz Qadiri

  • Anwaar-e-Durood-o-Salaam ,(Revised, 2nd Edition)
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Hardback - 355 pages             English Translation by Muhammad Riaz Qadiri


Spiritual Irradiation of Blessings & Salutation on the Beloved Prophet, 
May Allah Bless and grant him peace.

The word ''Durood'' is a persian word derived from ''daridan'' which means to tear or rend, it concerns the esoteric life of a Muslim. Its intrinsic meaning meaning is that we annihilate our perishable being into the fire of Love of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, so much so that his glance of compassion and mercy is reverted to us.   





---Preface,  Spiritual Existence of the Holy Prophet, Aspects and Significance of Durood-o-Salaam,
---Excellence and Reward of Durood-o-Salaam,
---Ahadith Enjoin to Invoke Blessings,
---Sayings of the Awliya-Allah, 
---Addition of the word of ''Sayyadina'' to Durood Shareef, 
---Times, Places and Occasions,
---Rules of Dscipline and Etiquettes,
---Some Staunch Lovers of Durood Shareef,
---Which Durood is to be Recited? 
---Miraculous Efficacy of Durood Shareef,

Section One : Selection of 116 Durood Shareef,

1]. Durood Ibrahimi
2]. Durood Shareef 
3]. Durood Shareef 
4]. Durood Shareef 
5]. Durood Shareef 
6]. Durood Shareef 
7]. Durood Shareef 
8]. Salutation and Greeting 
9]. Salutation and Greeting 
10]. Salutation and Greeting 
11]. Salutation and Greeting 
12]. Salutation and Greeting 
13]. Salutation and Greeting 
14]. Salutation and Greeting 
15]. Durood Shareef
16]. Durood Shareef  
17]. Durood Shareef  
18]. Durood Shareef  
19]. Durood Shareef  (Friday) 
20]. Durood Shareef  
21]. Durood Shareef 
22]. Durood Shareef  (Forgiveness)

Section Two : Durood Shareef Attributed to Different Personalities

1]. Durood Musa 
2]. Durood Ali-e-Murtada 
3]. Durood Shareef Ali
4]. Durood Shareef Ali
5]. Durood Shareef Ali
6]. Durood Hazrat Fatimah
7]. Durood Imam Zayn al-Abideen
8]. Durood Hazrat Ibn Abbas 
9]. Durood Khawaja Hasan al-Basri
10]. Durood Ibrahim al-Adham
11]. Durood Maroof al-Kharkhi
12]. Durood Shafi'i
13]. Durood Shafiya
14]. Durood Imam al-Razi
15]. Durood Imam al-Ghazali  
16]. Durood Rifa'iyya  
17]. Durood Idrissiyya 
18] - 20]. Durood Shareef Kubra 
21] - 23]. Durood Shareef al-Akbariyya
24]. Durood Kamaliyya 
25] - 26]. Durood al-Ghausiyya (i) and (ii)
27]. Durood al-Chishtiyya  
28]. Durood al-Naqshbandiyya 
29]. Durood Shareef al-Suhrawardiyya 
30]. Durood Mashishiyya 
31] - 32]. Durood Sayyad Ahmad Badawi (i) and (ii) 
33]. Durood Abul Hasan Ali al-Shadhili 
34]. Durood Nidaya (vocative)
35]. Durood Hanafi
36]. Durood Shaykh Ibrahim Matbooli 
37]. Durood Shooni
38]. Durood Imam al-Qastalani 
39]. Durood Khidri 
40] - 43]. Durood Abdul Haq 
44]. Durood Sayyad Ameer Ali Shah Naqvi
45]. Durood Habib al-Bashr Khairi 
46] - 49]. Durood Dalayl al-Khayrat 

Section ThreeDurood Shareef Under Descriptive Headings

1] - 5]. Durood Shareef for the Vision of Rasul-Allah
6]. Durood Shareef for Intercession 
7]. Durood Shareef Advised by the Prophet, 
Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam
8]. Durood Shareef when arriving upon the Shrine
9]. Durood-e-Taj
10]. Durood-e-Tunijina
11]. Durood-e-Tafreegiya
12]. Durood-e-Rauf ur-Rahim 
13]. Durood-e-Maqbool-e-Rasul
14]. Durood-e-Aali Qadr
15]. Durood-e-Shif'a
16] - 17]. Durood Shareef in Praise of Allah Almighty
18]. Durood Shareef for Visting Baitullah Shareef 
19]. Durood Shareef of Love 
20]. Durood-e-Sa'aadat
21] - 22]. Durood Shareef for the Removal of Distress
23]. Durood-e-Fatah
24] - 25]. Durood Shareef for Intercession
26]. Durood inscribed on stone
27]. Durood al-Asrar
28]. Durood-e-Ruhi
29] - 30]. Durood Shareef (Inspired)
31]. Durood Fazilat
32]. Durood Shareef (caused liberation)
33]. Durood al-Fiya
34]. Durood al-Saddaqa
35]. Durood al-Anam
36]. Durood-e-Hazarah
37]. Durood-e-Kausar
38]. Durood Shareef creating Love
39] - 42]. Durood Shareef for Excellence
43]. Durood Shareef most splendid
44]. Durood-e-Lakhi
45]. Durood Akbar
46]. Hizbu'l-Bahr
47]. A Supplication 

---Poetry in Honour of the Beloved Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---Notes and References (Urdu and English sources)


[Sub-Continent Print Quality]

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